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ABOUt Daniela...

Passionate About Transformation

I am a trained visual artist and started coaching 8 yrs ago for my own personal growth. I Certified as Health & Life Coach in 2022, began practice in 2023. I believe anyone can improve their life with commitment and support. I specialize in supporting women who are exhausted, drained and overwhelmed from giving to others all the time. And are  struggling with unhealthy coping mechanisms like binge eating and drinking.Through personalized coaching, I empower you to break free from this cycle, set boundaries, and rediscover your self-worth.


It's time to stop avoiding reality and start living the life you deserve.

Picture of Life Coach Daniela Smiling with a street in the background
Health Coach Official Certification badge
Life Coach Official Certification badge


  • Certified Health Coach. Health Coach Institute, Nov 2022

  • Certified Life Coach. Health Coach Institute, Nov 2022


  • Graduate of Clarity Catalyst for Coaches 2023

  • Graduate of Landmark Worldwide's Team Management and Leadership Program 2019

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